LIVE Productions:

Customized to fit your need.  Prices for 3 cameras, tricaster and operators for 4-6 hours shoot begin at $5,000 + GST

CREATE-A-SHOW for your business or organization:

PROCESS:  What would you like, a talk show, a comedy, reality show, client interviews, interviews with your staff, filming your Christmas party?  We meet with you and find out what you are trying to achieve in using these new videos for your business.

Is it business development, client relationship management, staff engagement, communicating a new product or process to your social media database?  Maybe a little bit of everything?  We'll drill down and get to the message that you want, that fits your brand.  We script and storyboard the show and you get final approval of course.  You supply the actors (maybe yourself, your team, your staff, even your clients! - we can also help with that!)

We then schedule your shoot, arrive with our camera team and teleprompter optional, so you don't need to memorize your script.

We edit all the materials and create a finally produced version of your video series

We even help you with your distribution.your social media, your email, and of course, released and forever available on

Pricing is for episodes approximately 5 minutes or less in length, optimized for social media:

     a.  Single episode - we meet with you, help you come up ideas for your show, help you script the show  We set up at your location on for a shoot, with teleprompter and edit it completely for

     b.  4-episode "season" - $1,900  As with single episode, all filming done in 1 day session

     c. 8-episode "season" - $3,500  As with single episode, all filming done in 1 day session


Advertising on existing on our existing programs, or those in our pipeline:  I you'd rather advertise or sponsor an existing or new series, whether produced by chillTV or one of our local external contributors, we have lots of options for you  Prices vary and we ca discuss with you which programs may make the most sense for your circumstance.


If you have a video(s), or an idea, please contact us.  WE'd like to take the opportunity to host it, and help you promote it.  You could even earn an income!

You may have questions..or even suggestions.  We'd love to hear from you, please contact us!

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