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chillTV Advertising:


You have an ability to advertise on any program on chillTV.  Rates vary depending on the program, but ear oot, there is, as they say, a show for every budget!  We distrrubte through our website our social media channells AND your social media channels!

Contact us and we'll hep guide you to the best solutions for you!


CREATE-A-SHOW for your business or organization:


PROCESS: What would you lie a atalk show a comedy, reality show client interview, interview with your staff, filming your Christmas party?  We meet with you and find out what you are trying to achieve in using these new videos for your bubusiness.


Is it business development, client relationship management, staff engagement, communiating a new product or process to your social media databasse, maybe a little bit of everything?  We'll drill down and get tot he message that you want, that fits your brand.  We script tand storyboard the show and you get final approval of course.  Yous upply the actors (maybe yourself, your team, your staff, even your clients! - we can also yhelp with that!)

We then schedule your shoot, arrive with our camera team and teleprompter optional, so you don't need to memorize your script!

We edit all the materials and create a fully produced version of your video series.

We even help you with your distribution, your social media, your email and of course, released and forever available on

Pricing is for episodes approximately 5 minutes or less in length optimiesd for social media:


.  Single episode: $2,000 + GST - we meet with you, brainstrom ideas, hep script select location and 'cast' for your show (normally you and your staff)!)


b.  4-episode "season" : $2,800 + GST - As with single episode all filming done in 1 day session


c.  8-episode "season": $4,200 + GST - As with single episode, all filming done in 1 day session

d.  Completely customized solution : you may alreay ko what you want...olet us help you with a competely customized solutios to fit your circumstance!



LIVE Production:

Livestream your event to your maximize your exposure, and distribution for the benefit of your audience and your sponsors!

Prices for 3 cameraas, tricatster and operators for 4-6 hours shoot being at $5,000 + GST for Facebook and Youtube livestreams, for anywhere in Chilliwack and the Fraser VAlley!  We hae special pricing for larger productions or if you reuire a more ustomized solutions, just ask!





We want to hear's talk  your ideas!  arn an income in the process!


chillTV:  your TV, your way!

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