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Which is better, SkyTrain or widening Highway 1? What about a third option? This 4 part series featuring former Mayor of the Township of Langley, Rick Green, and former Premier of BC, Bill Vander Zalm, and hosted by chillTV News Director, Don Lehn, examines the veracity of reactivating an existing 100 year old community rail line, with hydrogen powered trains. In Episode 1 we learn a little about the history of the "interurban corridor" linking Surrey to Chilliwack, and how some intrepid sleuthing ensured that the 99 km community rail line is readily available to use today.


Watch the whole series premiering the next 4 Wednesdays at 7 pm! chillTV: Your TV, Your Way!™

Rail for the Valley
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The Rail Choice! Episode 4, "Making Community Rail a Reality"
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The Rail Choice! Episode 3, "A No Brainer?!"
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The Rail Choice:  Community Rail South of the Fraser, "Episode 1"
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